The Adventures of Rudy Cool

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The Adventures of Rudy Cool
Story by:Sorab Del Rio
Script by:Sorab Del Rio
Pencils by:Glauco Silva
Inks by:Glauco Silva
Letters by:Nic Shaw
Colours by:Fred Marinho
Production by:Don Ticchio

The Adventures of Rudy Cool is a graphic novel published by Silver Fox Comics. Titled "The Ruby Love Diamond", it follows teenage detective Rudy Cool as he works for the police to prevent the theft of the prized Ruby Love Diamond.

The story is written by Sorab Del Rio, with pencils and inks from Glauco Silva. The comic's colours are courtesy of Fred Marinho, whilst the lettering is courtesy of Nic Shaw. The comic book production is courtesy of Don Ticchio.


Rudy Cool goes to a diner with his father, discussing his recently successful stint in Paris, France. His father, however, asks if he got a glimpse of the Ruby Love Diamond. Rudy tries to talk about what seems to be puppy love, and tells his adventure that talks both the diamond and the person he seemingly fell in love with.