The Aliens Want Our Balls

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The Aliens Want Our Balls
The Aliens Want Our Balls.png
Published by:Darkwell Bled
Script by:Darkwell Bled
Pencils by:Darkwell Bled
Inks by:Darkwell Bled
Letters by:Darkwell Bled

The Aliens Want Our Balls is an Australian graphic novel one-shot published by Darkwell Bled. The series follows an alien invading Earth to get a god-beast egg duo sphere. The story is written and illustrated by Darkwell Bled.


Alien King - The alien king of the Planet Alines.

Redge - An artificial intelligence for an alien ship.

Crash Renegade - an Aussie vigilante who wields a deadly boomerang.


The Alien King of the Planet Alines is executing a goomba for killing his pet, but the goomba notes his species is highly poisonous. He executes him anyway with death by being devoured by a God-Beast. As the god-beast eats the goomba, only to die from its poison. As the king realises this, he orders Redge to find a new god-beast egg duo sphere, only to beam to Adelaide's Malls Balls.

As the Redge bots come, they try to ask to be brought to the local leader, only to zap a local for being too quirky. Local security brings the Redge bots to the mayor and the bots threaten him to surrender the balls in 4 hours. The mayor, afraid for the fate of Adelaide, summoned Crash Renegade.

Meanwhile, Crash stops a bank robbery by killing the robber via boomerang. As the mayor contacts Crash, he walks to the Mayor's office and discusses the plan: they will hit the glowing part of the UFO with a boomerang. The alien mothership comes to get the Malls Balls and beam it up. Crash, who walked to the site, hits the glowing part with his boomerang and destroys the UFO.

Crash saves the day, until the god-beast duo sphere hatches and stomps on Crash.