The Americano

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The Americano
Affiliation:The A-Men
Alter Ego:Unknown
Creator:David De Vries, Gary Chaloner

The Americano is an Australian comic book superhero created by David De Vries and Gary Chaloner. She is a member of the A-Men, a superhero team based in the USA who are looking for a new home country. She had her debut in Cyclone! Australia Presents: The Southern Squadron #9. Her real name is unknown.


The Americano is a Latin-American superhero with light-coloured slick back hair and a beauty mark on her upper right lip. She wears a short bikini-style supersuit with two stars around the chest area and long thigh-high leather boots.


The Americano is a latino superheroine who works with the A-Men. During a trip to Sydney she encountered the Southern Cross and The Dingo, and there was a bit of interest displayed between her and the former of those heroes. She later returned to Australia when the A-Men decided to relocate to the outback, feeling they were unloved in their homeland. The Southern Squadron was sent to deal with this abuse of immigration laws, and after a battle convinced the A-Men to try New Zealand instead.


The Americano is generally proud of her heritage and her teammates. She is quite cordial but also headstrong, willing to push her agenda if needed. Even then, she reminds other heroes that she still wants to be friends with them even before an actual conflict.

Power & Abilities

The Americano is a member of the A-Men, a team of superheroes based in America. She has the full backing of her teammates, many of whom have access to a myriad of powers.

Sonic Scream

The Americano uses a powerful sonic scream that can temporarily disable, paralyze or stop enemies on their tracks. The upper limit of her powers is unknown.

Whip Expertise

The Americano is an expert with the whip, able to control it properly with high level dexterity. She has enough control that she can use it without fully hurting her enemies.