The Barnacle

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The Barnacle
The Barnacle.png
Alter Ego:Unknown
Creator:Gary Chaloner

The Barnacle is an Australian comic book villain created by Gary Chaloner. He is a member of the O.G.R.E and had his debut in Cyclone!. His real name is unknown.


The Barnacle is a middle-aged man who likes to skulk in the shadows. He has black hair with mostly Caucasian features. He always wears a Mafia-style suit.


There is not much information about the Barnacle, other than his status as O.G.R.E.'s tenured assassin and hired gun.


The Barnacle is a mysterious creature of the dark. He is proud of his work and does not like it when he is hunted. He's relentless in his mission and will usually fight to the death to make sure he completes his mission.

Power & Abilities

The Barnacle does not have superpowers. He is fit for his job and a master at his craft. Even then, he tends to have a problem with characters that don't give up. Due to his hubris, he tends to leave some attackers unfinished.

Stealth and Assassination

The Barnacle is a master assassin, able to kill any person assigned to him by his organisation. He can move without being detected in the dark can can hide for years, even from an relentless tracker like The Jackaroo.

Master Fighter

The Barnacle is an expert in hand to hand combat, especially in unarmed combat. He can overpower stronger enemies like The Jackaroo with technique and underhanded tactics. His stealth also helps him surprise his enemies out of nowhere.

Master Tracker

The Barnacle is a master tracker, able to find anyone assigned to him. it is among his proud accomplishments that he is "the hunter, not the hunted".