The Devil's Toilet 1

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Devil's Toilet Issue 1
Published by:Reverie Publications
Written by:Robert "Spedsy" Lisle
Pencils by:Robert "Spedsy" Lisle
Colours by:Robert "Spedsy" Lisle
Cover by:Robert "Spedsy" Lisle

Devil's Toilet Issue 1 is an Australian comic book published by Reverie Publications. The series follows the adventures of Devil's Toilet, a literal toilet who tries to escape from hell. The story is written, illustrated and coloured by Robert "Spedsy" Lisle.


Devil's Toilet - a sentient flush toilet who is fed up of existing in hell and wants to escape to the land of the living.

Meat Sack Jack - a fallen angel who was flayed for his sins. Now among the Devil's torturers.

Mugs - a torturer who cuts up his victims in eternity.

The Devil - leader of hell.

Green Beak - a loyal lackey of the Devil.


Everyday, eternal tortures happen in hell. One day, body parts spew onto a toilet, giving it sentience and two beefy arms. On the other hand, two of the Devil's torturers, Meat Sack Jack and Mugs, are tired of their roles in hell. After a meeting between the Devil and his torturers, Sack and Mugs are tired of their roles. The toilet overhears them and encourages them on a prison break.