The Dingo

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The Dingo
The Dingo.png
Affiliation:The Southern Squadron
Alter Ego:Costas Borgas
Creator:David De Vries, Gary Chaloner

The Dingo is an Australian comic book superhero created by David De Vries and Gary Chaloner. He is a member of the Southern Squadron and had his debut in Cyclone!. His real name is Costas Borgas.


Costas is a normal size man with a muscular physique. He has a large handlebar mustache and excessive body hair. He likes to wear tank tops and generic pants. Once he transforms, he becomes a werewolf-like created with thick, lush orange auburn fur all over his body. When Costas needs to transform, he sheds his hair, much to the annoyance of Nightfighter.


Costas originally got some answers concerning his ability to transform into a werewolf-like monster when he was 38. One evening, he was getting back with his girlfriend following a hefty evening of drinking. As they strolled, Costas' girlfriend told him they shouldn't go through the park, as there had been a few murders by serial killer multiple times that week (which one of their friends thought may be a werewolf). Still drunk, Costas derided her, and pretended to be werewolf to scare her. As she ran off, Costas startlingly changed into a werewolf-like animal, and didn't turn human until morning. There, he was found by a priest, who was furious that Costas had been drinking, and suggested that he detested all drunks.

That evening, Costas apologized to his girlfriend for the earlier evening, yet she said that she had revealed it to the police. Together with the way that Costas had been found in the recreation center that morning, this drove the police (and Nightfighter) to expect that Costas was the killer who had been frequenting the park. They cornered him and blamed him for killing a priest, and advised him to give up or they'd shoot him. Under this tension, Costas changed again into the werewolf-like animal, and ran for the park.

At the park, Costas saw the priest he had met that morning going to murder an alcoholic hobo. Costas jumped down and took the priest out, however was taken out by Nightfighter a second later. At the point when he came to, Nightfighter had understood that Costas was blameless, and clarified that the "priest" Costas had met was the real killer, who had murdered the genuine priest when he discovered that the priest didn't hate alcohol as much as he did.

Following this episode, Costas joined the Southern Squadron close by Nightfighter, Southern Cross and Lieutenant Smith.


The Dingo is a generally laidback, kind, and responsible person. He doesn't engage in fights without provocation, and even then he only does so to protect himself. He's a good soldier, following almost all the directions the Lieutenant Smith asks of him. He's also loyal to a fault.

Power & Abilities

As a normal human, Costas' physical conditioning is that of a normal, fit human.


The Dingo is a lycanthrope, which means he can turn himself into a werewolf-like person when he needs to. In his werewolf form, he has enhanced strength, agility, and heightened senses, including heightened vision, hearing, and smell. He can also use his sharp claws to attack.


  • While the members of the Southern Squadron debuted in 1983, they received a reintroduction in Cyclone #1 in 1985.