The Jackaroo

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The Jackaroo is one of the titular protagonists of the comic Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo. A human vigilante from Australia, he's known for wearing a makeshift mask around his eyes to conceal his identity. While he partners regularly with Major Flash Damingo, he usually goes out on his own for different personal reasons. The Jackaroo is not a hero, as he does not go out to save people. Instead, his goal in life is to find the Barnacle, a hired assassin. His search coincides with his vendetta of the potential killers of his old friend, Maggie.


The Jackaroo is an Australian male with average height and well-built body. He has a blond hair, usually combed backwards, and average Caucasian features. The Jackaroo has a very athletic body, with lean but muscular build. He also has a squarish jaw and commonly sports a stubbled beard.

The Jackaroo wears a red wrap-around mask with two holes for the eyes tied on the back of his head. His typical uniform is a white buttoned down sleeve shirt with blue jeans, which usually gets torn when he fights with opponents. There is a running gag where Jackaroo's mask falls off and goes loose as soon as the fight starts, giving him a disadvantage against many of his opponents.


The Jackaroo is a very complicated but no-nonsense individual. At first, his only goal in life is to find the Barnacle and the people killed his old friend, Maggie. He is not only cautious but very perceptive too, able to understand the situation where he's in. The Jackaroo has a dogged personality to him, tenacious to a fault and can be single-minded if he wants to.

What makes The Jackaroo unique is his never-say-die attitude. He does not give up in a fight and he's incredibly rugged to a fault. His determination and fighting spirit is so high that he can outfight humans and metahumans more skilled than he is only due to his pure determination. There are times where opponents are caught by surprise as he stands up at a point that his opponent thinks he's all down and out.

Powers and Abilities

The Jackaroo has no superhuman powers and abilities. His strength is that of an average healthy adult male. His reflexes are not as great either, as it is common for The Jackaroo to be initially overwhelmed. Even then, The Jackaroo is very competent when he sets his mind to it.

Determination Incarnate

Even without metahuman abilities, The Jackaroo is the living embodiment of determination. He can outfight other more seasoned combatants because he doesn't give up in a fight. With such determination, he can defeat alien mercenaries like the Mercenary Rabbit and surprise even The Barnacle.