The Rock

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The Rock
Alignment:Cosmic Entity, Hero (Formerly)
Affiliation:Niteside, Forge
Alter Ego:Rickard Mason
Creator:Bodine Amerikah

The Rock was an Australian comic book superhero created by Bodine Amerikah who debuted in Niteside & the Rock #1 in 1987. He was originally a runaway with his then lover, Astria, who encountered mystic forces who gave them powers. His real name is Rickard Mason.


Before he transformed, Rickard was a lanky man with long hair and glasses. After he transformed into the Rock, he became a beefy, muscular man with grey skin and a long, ponytailed hair.


Rickard and Astria were a couple deeply in love. In 1984 they ran away from home so they could be together, planning to set up new lives in Perth. However at an oasis on the road to that city, they encountered a mysterious woman, Lilith, who somehow granted them both incredible powers. Astria gained powers of darkness and the name Niteside, while Rickard became a living statue, the Rock. Lilith told the couple to use these powers to help mankind.

At Astria's insistence, the two decided to become superheroes. They became public darlings, and allied themselves with other heroes, in particular Forge, a young girl able to control machinery.


Before he transformed, Ricky was a shy, sensitive man who always felt envious of Astria's gifts. Once he became the Rock, he became supremely confident but have inner bouts of inadequacy.

Power & Abilities

Superhuman Strength

The Rock has extreme strength, able to punch through many things. He can carry tons of weight and fight bigger enemies.


The Rock has extremely hard skin made of rock. He's virtually impenetrable apart from extreme attacks.

Extreme Regeneration

The Rock can heal almost any injury instantaneously, likely even grow missing limbs. He can accelerate his healing as long as he's connected to some type of rock.

Exponential Growth

Over the years, The Rock powers grew stronger, eventually growing that he became bigger than the Earth itself, becoming a cosmic force.

Virtual Immortality

The Rock does not age and, as long as he's connected to some type of rock material, can recreate himself.

Earth Elemental

The Rock can control and manipulate any type of earth-like material. He can also swim on earth and assert full control of it. Even alien rocks are easy for him to use.