The Talking Bread

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The Talking Bread is a six-part story created by Kieran Jack for Halftone Productions. Talking Bread follows the story of an experimental loaf of bread thrown into a Melbourne laneway. Unbeknownst to the people who discarded the Bread, it is actually a sentient, sapient group of bread slices with their own personality.


The story follows the misadventures of six slices of bread experimented upon and tossed out into the Melbourne streets. As they navigate around Melbourne, they try to survive the cityscape and the many dangers it entails.


Softy - The first slice of bread and the leader of the group.

Crust - An angry slice of bread.

Crumb - A very dizzy slice of bread.

Bloat - A fat slice of bread.

Ears - A slice of bread with ears.

Fungal - A kind but timid slice of bread.

Masterbaker - evil baker and scientist, the creator of the Talking Bread

Warlock - Masterbaker's trusted apprentice.

Queen P - Queen of the talking pigeons.

The Rejects - older batches of pastries thrown away by the Masterbaker.


Chapter 1 - We're Alive

Chapter 2 - Enter the Masterbaker

Chapter 3 - Attack of the Atomic Toaster

Chapter 4 - Invasion of the Giant Weevil

Chapter 5 - Terror of the Killer Mould

Chapter 6 - Reign of the Master Slice