The Wrath of the Cursed Part 1

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The Wrath of the Cursed Part 1
The Wrath of the Cursed 1.png
Story by:Matt Kyme
Art by:Matt Kyme
Lettering by:Graeme Jackson
Proofreading by:Roger Stitson

The Wrath of the Cursed Part 1 is the first issue of The Wrath of the Cursed. The story is written and drawn by Matt Kyme, lettered by Graeme Jackson and proofread by Roger Stitson. The cover is drawn by Matt Kyme, with masthead created by Ben Mitchell and Graeme Jackson.


Long ago, a group of villagers started attacking the Say Ton Castle in the middle of the night. The castle guards are trying to defend it, trying to fend off the growing mob. Some of the villagers pour into the homes inside, and they start attacking the residents inside. A silhouette of a hooded man comes out of nowhere with a ghoulish look.

The villagers try to attack the mysterious ghoul but they are no match with his swordsmanship. He took away his son and abandoned the people in the castle, saying his wife is dead.

Years earlier, in the middle of winter, a man has come to the Say Ton and was given an ink mask designed to be a ghoul. Eventually, he became a part of the retainers of the Supreme Leader and sat beside him in court.

The Supreme Leader has met with Captain Bursaard and his crew. They are given judgment for their misdeclaration of the loot they got. In doing so, they were marked for death and were about to get executed via beheading.

The Captain pleas for mercy, but fell on deaf ears. Once he knew that he can't ask for diplomacy, Captain Bursaard challenged Cole, The Cursed. The Supreme Leader allows it, and the Captain is filled with confidence that he can prove himself with his blade.

Their clashing of blades was a split-second, which resulted into the Captain losing with a single strike. The Captain pleas to his son to avenge him, as he believes he was cheated. As Bursaard dies, his child rises, willing to fight back. The adults try to intervene, but Tomo picks up the sword and completes the challenge.

He fights Cole, but is no match in the skill of his opponent, dying in the process. The Supreme Leader then conveys honour to Tomo, cleansing his father's dishonor in the process.

Later, Cole and his son talk in private, discussing the merits of the death of Tomo. Cole tells that, for his son to be his successor, he needs to prepare to do the unthinkable. Later at a bridge, Cole's son, also named Cole, was ambushed by the Captain's people, avenging the death of their lord's son.

They attack, only to lose to both Father and son. The Cursed tries to educate his son about the event, but the latter is indignant about the loss of life. Later, foot soldiers come to the Cursed's home, running for an arrest. Cole the Father questions the value of the arrest and asks the motive of the arrest.

According to the foot soldiers, The Supreme Leader is looking for The Cursed, as his cup was stolen and it was found in The Cursed's residence. Rather than take up his sword, The Cursed follows them, seeking an audience with the Supreme Leader.

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