Throk 1

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Throk: Path of Vengeance Issue 1
Published by:Ravengear Studios
Written by:Zakh Fair
Pencils by:Luca Vassallo
Inks by:Luca Vassallo
Colours by:Luca Vassallo
Letters by:Damian Connelly

Throk: Path of Vengeance Issue 1 is an Australian comic book published by Ravengear Studios. The series follows Throk, A dragonkin monk who is on a quest for revenge. The story is written by Zakh Fair, illustrated by Luca Vassallo, and lettering from Damian Connelly.


Throk Skyhammer - a dragonkin monk who wanders as a mercenary.

Aldo - a lizardkin that Throk saved.

Tiberius Grey-Mane - the master of the Grey-Mane household and a client of Throk.

Ushimaru - a ghost warrior.


The story of Throk follows the titular character - a dragonkin monk of the Ghost Lotus order. As part of the order, he works as a mercenary, doing several quests for money and information. Along the way, the disciplined monk meets Aldo, a young reptilian.

As both characters adventure, they meet several challenges ahead. They also discover things about each other that will take the other by surprise.