Torn 1

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Torn Issue 1
Created by:Gary Dellar
Script by:George Hall
Lettering by:George Hall
Art by:Peter J. Lawson
Colours by:Peter J. Lawson
Cover by:Gary Chaloner

Torn Issue 1 is the premiere issue of Torn, an Australian indie comic book published by Reverie Publications. The story is created by Gary Dellar, written and lettered by George Hall and art by Peter J. Lawson. The story follows Torn, a metahuman power mimic.


Torn - The main protagonist. A powerful humanoid alien with the ability to mimic metahuman powers.

Red Gum - a hyperhero and a friend to Torn.

Tracy Little - Torn's girlfriend.

Billabong - a metahuman villain and right-hand man to Mr. Cane.

Mister Cane - the gang leader of the League of the Persecuted.

Diffuser -

Devil Twins -

Mr Eye -


Torn is trying to control his newly absorbed powers with the help of Tracy. He accidentally kills an agent of Mr. Cane and gets the gears going. During this time, Red Gum visits Torn to discuss a future operation.

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