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Published by:AdHouse Books
Written by:Steven Christie
Pencils by:Steven Christie
Colours by:Steven Christie
Cover by:Steven Christie

Turtlenecks is an Australian graphic novel published by AdHouse Books. The series follows the story of Sam and Jules. The story is written and drawn by Steven Christie.


Jules - an art student and best friend to Sam. She has a near encyclopedic knowledge of art concepts and understands them inside out.

Sam - a talented artist and best friend to Jules. He owns a flower that he wears all the time.

Stacey - an introverted art lawyer who has shunned the canvas and much of the art world.

Casper - a video artist and a rookie in the group.

Ryan - a fellow artist who stole one of Jules' performance pieces.

Noah - the curator of the Strong Arm gallery.


Turtlenecks is the story of an eager young art school student, Sam, who mistakenly turns his beloved flower necklace into an art object. Now it has been sold and he has no choice but to stage an elaborate performance art piece to steal his beloved flower back from the gallery. With his friends he forms the Turtlenecks, an art collective dedicated to performing conceptual art heists.