Vamoose 1

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Vamoose Issue 1
Published by:Reverie Publications

Vamoose Issue 1 is the premiere issue of Vamoose, an Australian indie comic book anthology. The story is written and drawn by different artists and acts as a collection of several short stories.


What Are Ya, Chicken?!

By Rob 'Spedsy' Lisle

Leeroy "Biscuit" Bescotty is on a flight to Melbourne when he stumbles upon a talking chicken as his seatmate. He eventually realises that the entire plane is full of chicken passengers and crew.

Backyard Poule

By Nick May

Two men decide that they want chicken for dinner. They go out and search for "free range chooks", only to continuously fail until they find a chicken petting zoo, unknowingly going to a place that can't get them a chicken to eat.

My Son, Steven

By Millie Holten

A rooster is at the chicken daycare to pick up his son, Steven - but there's a problem.

the Great Chicken Coup

Written by: Haydn Spurrell

Illustrated by: Emily Grace

There are three students, a farmhand, and his mother, together with their twelve chickens. The students set out to learn why a chicken would cross the road.


By Peter Wilson

Four people go on a powow around a bonfire during the post-apocalypse. Chickens have taken over the world and are killing different people. There are their stories.