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Alter Ego:Vivian Gale
Creator:Gerald Carr

Vixen is an Australian comic book superhero created by Gerald Carr who debuted in Wart's Epic in 1970 and Brainmaster & Vixen #1 in 1977. She is a biologist who is mutated by an alien cylinder to receive fox-like abilities. Her real name is Vivian Gale.


Vivian is a tall, blond girl with a slender physique and shapely figure. As Vixen, part of her hair transforms into fox ears while she gets a bikini-style supersuit, usually with a fox logo emblazoned on her top. She also has arm length gloves and boots, the coverage length of each varies depending on the artist.


Two visitors arrive at Mawson base, Australian Antarctic Territory, one a noted scientist, Professor Beaumont, the other, his assistant biologist Vivian Gale. They are there on a secret mission to investigate the frequent sightings of a U.F.O. in the area.

During a violent blizzard one of their hapless search parties see the massive form of the U.F.O. ahead in the snowstorm. They find an entrance and clamber on board. Inside they find a chamber containing a cylinder. When the craft hums to life the party grab the object as they are suddenly ejected from the space ship which vanishes at blinding speed.

Beaumont and Vivien take the find back to Australia. Later when Vivien is out of her lab, the alien cylinder begins to glow. Suddenly, her pet fox in its enclosure is examined with its penetrating scanning beam. When vivien returns to the lab, her whole being too is examined by the same alien object.

It is when Vivien is shot while trying to prevent the cylinder from falling into foreign hands, that the aliens beam her aboard their craft, saving her life and with the gathered information transforming her into the remarkable super fox-heroine.


Vixen is smart and intellectual, with a very feminine but no-holds-barred attitude. She has a strong sense of justice and care for other beings.

Power & Abilities

As a normal human, Vivian's physical conditioning is that of a normal, fit human. She is a research biologist by profession and is likely knowledgeable in her craft, as she is brought to the Antarctic for research purposes.

Enhanced Strength/Stamina/Speed/Agility

As she is mutated by the alien cylinder, she receives enhanced physical characteristics no different from that of a fox. She can hold her own against most enemies and can carry massive weights.

Heightened Senses

Due to her fox-like mutations, she now has heightened senses, including heightened sight, smell, and hearing.