Vokz 1

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Vokz Issue 1
Published by:Ravengear Studios
Written by:Zakh Fair
Pencils by:Asela De Silva
Inks by:Asela De Silva
Letters by:Nikki Powers

Vokz Issue 1 is an Australian comic book published by Ravengear Studios. The series follows Dawn as she manifests her newfound powers as she tries to learn who killed her bestfriend. The story is written by Zakh Fair, illustrated by Asela De Silva, and lettering from Nikki Powers.


Dawn Hastings - a normal girl who likes music and singing in her band. She eventually develops the power to generate sound waves and direct shockwaves.

Ember - Dawn's bandmate and bestfriend.

Pete - Ember's older brother. He's a scientific genius who is well connected with the military.

Roman - Dawn's music label executive.

Zerena - A rival within the music label


The story of Vokz follows the story of Dawn who just had her album launch with a bandmate. As they talk, an armoured tech attacks her, leaving Dawn in deep coma. Around her time of grieving, she develops an uncontrollable ability that leaves destruction in its wake.