Welcome to the Underrealm

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Welcome to the Underrealm
In Purgatory 1.png
Story and art by:Kieran Jack
Art (Page 8) by:Matt Kyme

Welcome to the Underrealm is the first chapter of In Purgatory. The story is written and drawn by Kieran Jack, with page 8 art by Matt Kyme.


The story starts with Grim Reaper complaining and ranting about "one all-powerful being." He takes for example a random boy who ran from bandits whom he stole from. As the hooded boy reaches a cliff, a portion of the land falls off and breaks, dropping him down into a watery grave. The hooded person wakes up to find himself at the doors of the underworld. Death gives him a tour of the place, explaining his current situation. Grim Reaper gives him a rundown, saying that he is in a place where everyone goes to whether they're evil or not.

Grim Reaper gives the hooded boy a lengthy lecture about the truth, especially about beliefs and religion. Grim Reaper introduces Jesus, one of the prisoners of his catacombs. As the Grim Reaper further explains, he notes that the "Underrealm" is a location with 7 circles, each with its own task and purpose. Each section has its own guards that protects each circle from intrusion. As they go further along, Grim Reaper introduces the hooded boy to Chronos, who guides the boy to the person who runs the show in the underworld, Behemoth.

As Behemoth beckons the hooded boy, he reveals himself to be Thorn, son of the Beast and the Witch. He claims he was abandoned by the Behemoth on Earth. The Behemoth tries to figure out who Thorn's mother is, only for Thorn to say it was Helana. Thorn comes to usurp the throne from his father, with the support of his advisers like Chronos. Before Behemoth gets apprehended, both him and Grim Reaper escape by going back through time.

Thorn commands his subordinates to run after both, with the Plague Doctor volunteering for the job. As Grim Reaper gets transported, he is then welcomed by another entity to Purgatory.

Next Chapter: The Ghost That Haunts Us