Word Smith Chapter 1

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Word Smith Volume 1
Word Smith-1-1.png
Story by:Stephen Kok
Art by:P.R. Dedelis
Colours by:Peyton Freeman

Word Smith is an Australian comic book by Stephen Kok and published by Sigmate Studio. The story is written Stephen Kok, with art from P.R. Dedelis and coloured by Peyton Freeman. Word Smith follows the adventures of Victoria and her shop, Word Smith.


The story starts in a medieval steampunk town where a girl named Bonnie goes inside a local shop called Word Smith. Inside, a girl is running after a baby dragon, arguing about cake. Bonnie sat down, offering a box of cake she brought with her. All three get acquainted, with the shop owner named Victoria and the dragon named Sparky.

As they talk, Bonnie notes how she heard Victoria was the best word smith in the city. Bonnie then orders a word crafted for her husband, George, who needs to feel inspired. Victoria agrees and they immediately start working.

The next day, Victoria visits Bonnie in her shop at le Petit. Victoria offers the present to Bonnie, which Bonnie then gives to George. The word is "Dream", and it inspired him to follow what he wants.