XCT: Spartacus 0

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XCT: Spartacus #0
XCT Spartacus 0.png
Story by:Shaun Paulet and Brendan Halyday
Cover by:Jerry Gaylord and Gabriel Cassatta
Pencils by:Jerry Gaylord
Inks by:Alex Sollazzo
Letters by:Optic Pop
Colours by:Gabriel Cassatta

XCT: Spartacus #0 is the premiere issue of XCT: Xtreme Champion Tournament, an Australian comic book published by Comics2Movies. The story is written by Shaun Paulet and Brendan Halyday, with scripts by Brendan Halyday. The comic was pencilled by Jerry Gaylord, Inked by Alex Sollazzo, coloured by Gabriel Cassatta, and letters by Optic Pop.


The story of XCT: Spartacus 0 starts from the narration of Spartacus, a slave who has rebelled against Rome and mobilised the slaves in the empire to fight back.

At the night of Rome, near the Sele River in 71 AD, Spartacus is unable to sleep. He is finding ways to outsmart and outmaneuver Crassus, who has boxed their army in with three Roman armies. Spartacus notes how Crassus has the weakest army right now. Spartacus' Lieutenant questions this, knowing they're unlike to fear the slave army.

As the night drops, Spartacus calls his Lieutenants and plans to go on a suicide mission to kill Crassus, with himself in the lead. His lieutenants disagree, but he pushes forward with his plan. The next day, Spartacus leads forward the attack against the Romans, ravaging through the soldiers and killing everyone off.